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Money Wouldn't receive yet

I have made a withdrawal from to my Payoneer account at that time I wouldn't verify documents at the time of withdrawal from after 2 days I received an email to verify the documents to receive the payment I provide the required documents like National ID, bank account, etc but it's been more than & days bank account details and questionnaire are under review while the national ID is approved at the time of submission. My question is how much time is required to approve these documents?

I have another account of Payoneer I provide the documents in December 2019 the documents are still under review because the bank account is in my Uncle's name and this account is also on my Uncle's name
What should i do?


  • umair1998
    umair1998 Member Posts: 4
    any suggestions what should I do?
  • JoaoBaroli97
    JoaoBaroli97 Member Posts: 1
    My account had been approved and when I made the transfer of $ 200 USD I received an email saying that it was not evaluated on behalf of the entity and that the money would have been extorted into the Payoneer account. The money did not return and the "transfer" is being analyzed for more than 5 days. What do I do?