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Account banned

Hi there, actually I am having a problem with my account and I think it's because of a dual account issue. I was making an account using sign-up option but i was having problems with my IBAN number so I closed everything tab on my browser. After that, when i resolved my IBAN issue, i again used that Sign-up and put all the details from the start and created an account but when i tried to login it showed me i have dual account and i am not able to login because of a blocked account. I am trying for so long but nothing is working. I need a solution for this problem.

I also received this mail:

Dear Muhammad Waleed,

Thank you for your recent application to Payoneer.

We noticed that you already have an existing Payoneer account. Please note that Payoneer only allows one account per customer.

To help us to understand why you applied for an additional Payoneer account, we’d appreciate it if you could complete this short survey.


  • uzorsmart
    uzorsmart Member Posts: 3
    You need to fill the form and tell them why you signed up for another account. It may take time before they respond but just be patient.