My client still has not gotten his refund payment. It's been 20 days.

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My client sent a payment on 2nd October 2020. But that payment was pending for 7 days so I called the customer support on 9th October. Customer support said that the reason payment still pending because my client have to verify his website address and location address and they send an email regarding this subject to my client. My client is a very busy man so I didn't want to cause any trouble, so I was asking them if my client doesn't want to give this verification what will happen? They said then the payment will be canceled. So I asked to them to cancel my payment and give the refund to my client.

15 minutes later, a email was sent to me my payoneer that the payment is got canceled and also a very surprising email was sent to my client. My client got the verification email. The email that should have been sent on 2nd October but didn't, after cancelation of payment he got the verification email. I mean, what the hell is going on with payoneer?

Calling to payoneer's customer's support center is not cheap. I can't call them everyday.

After the call, I talked with my client, he was very surprised to hear that there was email regarding this subject(he checked all the emails and including spam). He said the only email he got on 9th october was to verify his website and stuff. So I called them on 16th October again because the refund was not still sent to my client, they just keep saying that it will take 7-10 business days to send the refund to my client.

My client still hasn't gotten his refund back so he can't send my the money I deserve. Its been 20 days, I am still not payed. I called them again yesterday, 20th October, still the same answer, they can't do anything else. I have to wait 10 days, after this they might do something. I am wondering will my client get his money back?

If any admin is seeing this message, please solve this issue.
Customer ID : 33545404
Transaction ID : 223905119
Payment got canceled on 9th October 2020
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