unable to add bank account

skar3skar3 Member Posts: 2
Hi, I created my account through Appen, I had initially linked PayPal. I had decided to switch and link my bank account.
The problem is that now I can't connect anything anymore and I'm asked to contact support.
I can't even view the 'Prices and fees' page, it's like my account doesn't have the right permissions.

I have an open support ticket but have not received a response.
Number: 201011-011179

Thank you


  • cafinocafino Member Posts: 1

    I do have the same problem. I opened my account with PP option, I then removed the connection to add my bank account and now I am not able to do so. I also have a payment from Appen that shows as "Paid" since one week but I didn't receive it.
    Reference Number: 201013-005020

    Thank you
  • skar3skar3 Member Posts: 2
    Please any news?
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