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Pending Approval on my Ordred card

mcneil11 Member Posts: 1
Hello Payoneer Community. I am Mc Neil Jean Louis with customer number 28150806. I ordered a card on October 14. I have been told that It will take up to three (3) days to have info and ship my card. I am aware that there could be issues with my documents. If there is a problem with my order or my documents, why they don't tell me the issue so that I could resolve it on my end?


  • notagain
    notagain Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2020
    lol, just did the same Oct 15, address verification pops in, submitted last week. still "under limbo"

    Now, I don't mind receiving the new one next week or more..
    but. not to be able to use this one, where every transaction is also...."pending"
    many upcoming transactions to make, yet unable to use my account. let alone the card about to expire next week.

    ID 6904011
  • notagain
    notagain Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2020
    Again, I understand the world wide survival mode, everyone, everything's affected one way or the other, but is it really that hard to drop an answer every now and then?
    why leave us hanging, confused? if this is the end of the line, at least have the courtesy to let us know, should we move on?

    I honestly wish I don't have to, Payoneer has been and still my best option over the years, I trust you overcoming this again, its not easy giving up on such well earned "priceless " brand awareness... or is it?
  • muhammadhammad015
    muhammadhammad015 Member Posts: 2
    On 5 oct i ordered my card and on 6th send my documents. Now they are on pending approval since that day. No card receive nothing. bad services.