Receiving accounts cannot longer receive payments from individuals

petertosh16petertosh16 Member Posts: 6
I got this email notification today and honestly, I am so angry and frustrated. This is really really bad news, I hope payoneer decides to change this in the future. I do alot of work for people around the globe and was happy to find out some months ago that EUR receiving account could receive from individuals, only for the option to be shut down now? Seriously this is going to drive many customers crazy as the EUR account was the only hope for individual payments since the rest (USD, GBP etc) never had that capability in the first place.

I always try referring people to payoneer and they decline because of it's failure to meet certain requirements like this. You can't load cash to the prepaid card, you can't use wire transfers, you can't receive individual payments etc etc etc. Even the request a payment option is limited. You cannot use it if you haven't earned up to $5k and that is not the case for some people like me. How long do they think every new user will take to earn $5k? Bullshit!!

I'm sorry to say this but Payoneer is getting worse everyday in the name of security updates. I hope they brainstorm on some of these things and give us back some privileges, or it may have effects on them in the future.

I used to brag about payoneer being far better than paypal..... but this is all bullshit payoneer, bullshit!!
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