Why did you set minimum withdraw limit of 150 dollars? please help me

kleyzerkleyzer Member Posts: 2
Why did you set a minimum-withdraw limit of 150 dollars? I hail from 3rd world country and I am a student and I received payment through freelancing in my Payoneer account. I was happy that by withdrawing my money from payonner into my bank account I will pay my fee but your withdraw limit saddened me. You should think of your competitors like Paypal, they always try to provide maximum fiscal ease to their clients. Online banking is already strict in Pakistan. People of Pakistan are using Payoneer as an alternative to Paypal but your loopholes in sending and receiving payments will put you back far enough from your competitors. Sorry of being harsh, but please revise your withdraw limits, we are students and in this way we cant withdraw our hard earned money. Please could you guys help me? i really like payoneer service and a really need this money


  • kleyzerkleyzer Member Posts: 2
    Please payoneer team, help me, i try to call and go to chat, but no one answer me
  • GabykaGabyka Member Posts: 2
    Zasto ste postavili minimalno ogranicenje povlacenja 150 dolara?Zasto ne mogu da povucem15.41dolara?Zasto ne mogu da povucem svoj tesko zaradjeni novac?Molim Vas da mi odobrite povlacenje moga novca u iznosu od 15.41dolar.Unapred Vam hvala i nadam se Vasem odgovoru.
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