How to ship my card via DHL

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Hi there..first of all I would like to thank all the admins at this site for their great efforts to help us with every tiny problem we r facing..thank u from the bottom of my heart.

Now here is my thing....I've been registered to payoneer & requested my card & even got approved & they gave me an date between jul 2-jul 9 however,I'm 100% sure that the card wont arrive at that date or any other date cuz of the terrible post office we have here in've decided to ship my card via DHL which is more fast & even has a tracking number but,to do so I need to pay a fee of 60$ which is totally fine with me...Here comes my situation.I can not private load my card by my VISA debit card it says private loads r not acceptable for this card,,So,I knew that I have to apply to one of the US payment services in which payoneer provide.

I've read alot of post about the US payment service but did not figure it out at all even i tried.

I do not know what to do now..I have a payoneer card in the shipping process by regular mail & I have a paypal account & I have linked my bank account(first century bank) to my paypal account..Now what else do u need from me It seems to me that I had applied to the US payment service..plz tell me how to add funds to my account in order to cover the DHL shipping fee..should I link my VISA debit card to my paypal & bank account or how is it done???

plz admins. I really need your direct answer to this post & plz do not refer me to the contact support center cuz u guys know better than them.


My info regarding my situation r:

reference no. is 2567884

my ticket no. is LTK1215301313401X

my last 4 digits of my payoneer card are -7261


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    Thank you for your feedback :thumbsu:

    Please note that the private laod service will be available once the card has been loaded through payments from our official partners or selected US companies using the US Payment Service.

    You can read information about the US Payment Service on our post here: You can certainly load funds from your Paypal account to your Payoneer card to cover the $60 DHL shipping fee. 


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