I had monthly payments for months and now there is problem with payment (pending)

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For some reason, monthly payment that I am receiving from my eCommerce platform (selling my application) is still in pending status. The Payoneer has requested contract/e-mail about this payment and I have sent screenshots of statements but the answer is

Thank you for providing a copy of Emails.

Unfortunately, the information you provided does not meet our regulatory requirements.

I have tried to ask for clarification on what kind of information should I provide but without luck. This is a bit frustrating since this is a similar monthly transaction from the same eCommerce platform.

Customer ID 35391314
Transaction ID 226804625

What has changed?


  • lubna112lubna112 Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Same things my payment in payoneer account but they still under review and pending what is this
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