Account Blocked - Without any Reason - No response from Customer Support

aliuppalaliuppal Member Posts: 2
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My account is blocked ( Your account access appears to be restricted ) attached to my Email: [email protected], with any reason this account was created 5 years back, and I never use this account.

I tried to contact Customer Support many times but got no answer.

After that, I tried to create a new account on another email, but that account is also blocked. I think they blocked me by my ID number.

I can provide my all detail.

Can someone please help me?

It's urgent



  • whyblockedwhyblocked Member Posts: 2
    Yes me too. my account was blocked right after signing up
  • michdmichd Member Posts: 6
    Same here! They just close accounts without even a previous notice!
  • zyedzyed Member Posts: 2
    Many poeple got there account closed with no reason.
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