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Ticket #201023 _ 021242 I receive an error when sending a payment request.

RE: I receive an error when sending a payment request.

Customer ID 40422782 Ticket #201023 _ 021242
1.Review the document that i submitted in verification center

I am requesting your review the document that i submitted on 14 oct 2020 and approve it in-order to verify my payoneer account

2. Enable Community Federal Saving Bank CFSB
I am a freelancer and have global clients who pay me via paypal. Through my online freelancer i always have payments made to my pay
I want to do business with you [payoneer] allowing me to withdraw cash via payoneer CFSB.

Assist me get CFSB so that i may attach it to my verified paypal accounts

Reason i a want this a service is:
- i want to use Payoneer CFSB as attache bank to my paypal
-I want to exchange dollar via payoneer as the rate is higher
- i want to be withdrawing large sums of money using swift advice to my local bank account

Ticket #201023 _ 021242