verification still under review, Can I still withdraw payment to local bank from payoneer ?

Hello there, I signed up for Payoneer account earlier this month and uploaded my passport ID and filled the global service payment questionnaire in verification center on 17th of October. Both the document are still under review, can someone tell me how long will it take for the verification process.

MY account ID is 40504977. Please tell me if I can withdraw funds to local bank after receiving them from Fiverrr. or I cannot do that without verification


  • LoudivinoLoudivino Member Posts: 2
    Same issue here... They keep on telling me to send a message to the support center and it doesn't give a crap. All it ever says is wait for 3 business days although I have waited for more than 3 weeks now. My handheld ID isn't approved yet.
  • TohidTohid Member Posts: 1
    All are facing same problem? we couldn't take further steeps for it. What should we do now? any body have Ans pls?
  • quderb1quderb1 Member Posts: 2
    I'm facing the same problem? we couldn't take further steps for it. What should we do now? anybody have Ans pls?
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