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It's been a month since I'm trying to contact with Payoneer Customer service with no solution. I adquired my Masterdcard 2 years ago, so I understand why it's blocked. That's not the issue.


I'm trying to unlock it now because I have an urge to use it. I've contacted them through english, spanish... Their solutions are: activate your card just adding the for last numbers (in order to do that I have to submit my e-mail and my password and when I do that, it's says "Account Blocked! (#MA104) Please contact customer support". Or, their other solution was: "Your Payoneer account has been suspended because of an extended period of inactivity. The account can easily be reopened if your activity with blahblah or any of our official partners resumes.

Once you receive a payment from one of our partners, please reply this email in order for us to assist you further with this issue."


But, again, in order to do that, I have to go to my account and login, but i can't!!!! So that's a dead-end. Anybody with same problem here? What should I do? I need the card ASAP, and this customer service seems to fail...


Please, help me.


Thank you a lot


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    While your Payoneer account is disabled, your payments methods are still active. If you need to link new partner to your account, however, please send me a PM with the e-mail on your Payoneer account.

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    Well, I cannot really link a new partner if my account is blocked -that's for sure because I tried... I also sent you a PM with my account details. Hope this can be solved very soon. Yesterday I try to used my card on a ATM and it said "Not available". So I'm really stuck here... Please, tell me something soon... I just don't know what else to do.

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    I will check the PM, thanks.