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Verify cardholder identity (Address Verification) HELP!


I have been using the Payoneer's Master Card since the beginning of 2019 regularly and every time it is requested I have sent the documents to the "Verification Center" and they have always been approved.

But, lately I have encountered a problem with "Verify cardholder identity" more precisely with "Address verification".

In the beginning I had these options to send the document:
- Utility bill in renter's name
- Bank document
- Rental Agreement
- Utility bill in owner's name
- Other Legal document

I have selected the "Other Legal Document" option and I have provided my Certificate of Residence which clearly shows my full name, my personal number, birthday and current address. This document (Certificate of Residence) was only one or two days old because I was in the municipality to get it only for this verification process.

After a few weeks of waiting I received this email:
"We need additional information to proceed.
Thank you for providing a copy of Other legal document.
Unfortunately, the type of document you sent does not match our request. "

I do not know the reason why such a document does not match your request.

Now, the "Other Legal document" option has been removed from my list and only these options appear:
- Utility bill in renter's name
- Bank document
- Rental Agreement
- Utility bill in owner's name

I live with my family in our house. We do not have any rent and no bill is under my personal name.

Can you suggest me which option to choose and what other document can I send?

Thank you,


  • samuel023
    samuel023 Member Posts: 1
    exactly the same problem here, no "Other Legal document" option, and i have no other documents under my personal name, i'm about to give up and probably just use the bank withdrawal from now on.
  • ltkgo
    ltkgo Member Posts: 1
    I'm in a very similar situation except that I never had the 'Other legal document' option. I'm currently trying to reach customer support through live chat and been on hold for hours now. Very frustrating.

    I understand why they would need to verify my address but I already provided my ID card back when
    I applied for a card which includes my full name & address. I don't know what else could be a better proof of one's address if it's not the ID card.
  • Vira56
    Vira56 Member Posts: 1
    I've got the same situation. As I live with my parents, I provided a utility bill in their name and now I also need to attach a rental agreement, but I don't have any obv. Would be very grateful if somebody can advise me what to do.
  • Dchanini
    Dchanini Member Posts: 9
    Same problem here, I don't live alone and I don't have any of the bills on my name. I also don't have ''Other Legal document''. Best I can do is my ID or driver license.
  • Dchanini
    Dchanini Member Posts: 9
    This company might be daying after the Wirecard scandal, they don't even have mods in this forum anymore.
  • kuroneko
    kuroneko Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2020
    Good day, does this problem already have solution? I'm in the same situation and November 19 is the deadline. I only provided bill under my parent's name. It's still under review tho.
  • tarekroshdy
    tarekroshdy Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem and it is really annoying. They just reject the document and don't say why. Also, no one is replying to this discussion since 26 October.
  • mar_1516
    mar_1516 Member Posts: 1
    The same problem here
  • whopsycho
    whopsycho Member Posts: 2
    Same issue here.

    I have been using this service for 4 years. Now I can't confirm my address, all my uploaded docs are rejected without any explanation. Only God knows how to contact customer service support. Bot replies for any questions, really??? Shame... What a great care for clients who regularly pay fee to maintain accounts and also regular fees for many other things.

    I'll close my account till the end of this year. Payoneer periodically brings only headaches. I'm tired of this already.
  • whopsycho
    whopsycho Member Posts: 2
    is it worth waiting for at least some official answer from Payoneer?
  • Yiyo11
    Yiyo11 Member Posts: 1
    Same here; I uploaded my Legal National Identity Document that I have in Argentina, and same issue. More Legal and representative than that..... Though it was because it wasn´t clear enough the photo, but I took the clearest one with high def, and still the same .