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EUR currency not enabled yet, do not have business in the US

Angle_BR Member Posts: 1

Please assist. My client ID is 40314728. I will receive a payment next month from an European company in France. I created this Payoneer company account to receive this payment from them. I've tried enabling the euro currency to share the bank account, but do not have it yet. I called customer service on how to get the Euro currency/bank account and they told me I need to receive at least USD$100 first before requesting this. I don't have business in the US and I cannot find a customer there. I've already sent documents and even got an e-mail telling me to request the Euro payment. I've done this three times and I'm always rejected, even though my type of company can receive money from Europe. It's not fair to open an account to only later find out you first need to receive in dollars and/or it needs to be from your partners first so that a different currency is enabled.

I also cannot use the "request payment" because they use a different platform to make payments.

Please help