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Payoneer support service is at its lowest and its slowest

shyre2kin Member Posts: 5
I am about to expose Payoneer and the fact that their customer support service has been outsourced to some cheap agencies that pays their remote worker 3 usd per hour. Plus, they made it harder for users to access their livechat or to just contact them via email.

Everything is slow, but they will be fast in chopping your annual fees.

I uploaded my documents, I have funds on an expired card and I ordered a new card BUT FREAKING NO ANSWER ABOUT MY Documents APPROVAL. Still pending after 2 month !!! What the hell, I can't withdraw from banks, I cannot use my expired card, I cannot send money to another payoneer account. People at Payoneer always forget that people's money is at stake and things should be handled in pro way, not like a ready to disappear company that waits to run away with its customer money.

Stop this freaking bad service and make things happen for godsake !