Dailymotion payment error


I have an active Payoneer account, which allows me to receive USD and EUR. This account was registered from Ukraine several years ago, and I received several payments from Upwork. I tried to connect Payoneer service to my Dailymotion account to receive funds in EUR. After connecting I got an e-mail from Payoneer that "Now I will receive Dailymotion payments directly to my EUR account". But I can not complete Payoneer-to-Dailymotion linking because Dailymotion shows the error "The country of payment on your account is not supported".

Page error screenshot is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y1PKUw-YCyJXCKe048WUM2iA0sMap9aK/view?usp=sharing

I've contacted Dailymotion support, and they advised me to contact Payoneer support. Their answer is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLOl_h0mAZUy5f28YUErnHh1SB2auSgPfjXJ0fR0mC4/edit?usp=sharing

Please help


  • ViktorrP
    ViktorrP Member Posts: 5
    Looks like my case is hard. Please advise how to create a ticket or apply directly to Pioneer support?