New account verification. Connecting two accounts.

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Dear valued ladies and gentlemen,

My Customer ID is 40636278.

I contacted the support from my old account after changing the address. I was advised to block the old account and open a new one, and then connect the accounts (money from the old will be transferred to the new one), what I did. After that, I sent documents for verification on October 22nd. I can not use the online chat, calls are rejected, emails are automatically answered.

My name is 100% the same as my Payoneer account. But my maiden name remained in the banking account (I’ve sent screenshots with the details from online banking). At the moment, I cannot change my surname in my bank, since I am not in my country, and I cannot open an account in a new place. I would like to provide a marriage certificate to prove that the bank account holder is the same person. Please, advise what to do. How to submit additional documents? When my documents will be reviewed to order a card?

Thank you in advance,
Lidiia Schmidt
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