Online payment processors rejecting Payoneer Mastercard

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I noticed multiple payment processors are rejecting Payoneer Mastercards. This eventually turns Mastercards into the most unreliable pieces of plastic, for online purchases out there, since being a Mastercard itself doesn't guarantees it to be a reliable and globally usable card. Perhaps Payoneer could actively lobby at Mastercard to do something about this situation? (Since for now Visa would be more reliable, if they didn't had such a crappy frauddesk.)


Payment processors includes the following:


LiqPay for example issued me the following list of countries they do not accept Mastercard payments from:

PH no; - Philippines AX no; the Aland Islands AL no; Albania DZ no; Algeria AO no; Angola AD no; Andorra AG no; Antigua and Barbuda AW no; Aruba AF no; Afghanistan BB no; Barbados BH no; Bahrain BZ no; Belize VU no; Vanuatu VG no; virgin Islands (British) BO no; Bolivia BJ no; Benin BF no; Burkina Faso BI no; Burundi VE no; Venezuela VN no; Vietnam GH no; Ghana GD no; Grenada DM no; Dominica DO no; Dominican Republic IQ no; Iraq IR no; Iran CU no; Cuba HP no; Kuwait LY no; Libya MT no; Malta NG no; Nigeria PK no; Pakistan RO no; Romania ID no; Indonesia SY no; Syria TT no; Trinidad and Tobago LK no; Sri Lanka TC no; Turks and Caicos Islands


Ukrainian Processing Centre doesn't accept Mastercard payments without 3D secure for specific countries, on for example (Which is a great website, BTW.) This seems to be on a per merchant basis.


Ogone also doesn't accept the Payoneer Mastercard for a not further specified reason on websites of various online retailers. This includes some of the biggest webshops in the Netherlands, like Alternate and Bax-shop. It does not include the Chamber of Commerce.


Mentionned payment processors nor merchants did state anywere they discriminate on country of issuance or other reasons. They did however actively offer the Mastercard payment methode, used the Mastercard logo, etc.. To be honest I do not even know how I can be sure my Payoneer Mastercard or any other Mastercard is accepted at a POS. Can I?


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    Thank you for posting, Tristan. I will certainly pass this feedback on to the appropriate department for review.

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    yes, VISA is more accepted now days


    Payoneer should support Master card and VISA as well

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    Thank you so much for this post. It explains a lot of inexplicable issues I've had over the last days.
    I just experienced problems with a site that uses Ogone. However, I was able to pay on the EDx site and on another Dutch site that does not use the EDx system. Maybe it could be an idea to issue a list of sites that do not use ogone?