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Lost money between withdrawal

iversoniyo Member Posts: 1
Hello to everyone,

I'm writing this post after got tired from automatic e-mail responses and not reaching the actual person.
Here is my issue. Today I withdrawn my money as $ from Upwork to Payoneer account then I got the mail subjected "Good News You have received money to your Payoneer account". The mail is sent to my payoneer related mail address there is no issue here. I go to my account from button inside the mail with following the instructions but when I logged in there is no money in it and on the homescreen in the balances section no $ is shown.

When I explain the situation to support team with message they've sent me automatic message "We see that you have not yet received any payments to your Payoneer account..."

To inform you I have registered bank account and I got one blocked payoneer card because of time and no current card because of not getting paid yet if it is related to my issue. So I did not understand where is the money and did I do anything wrong?

Thank you,