I cannot link my Paypal account to my Payoneer account

Hamed_ahmed Member Posts: 1
Hello payoneer Team

When I was linking my Payoneer account to my PayPal account, the connection from PayPal was refused

And repeated the attempt more than once, but also failed

So I asked a friend, who is a Payoneer customer, and I explained to him what had happened

He told me to contact the Payoneer support team and that the request is to add a Federal Bank account because it is the only one that PayPal accepts.

And Payoneer Support Team will give me a Federal Bank Account Number

And I called Payoneer support more than once over the course of about a month and a half, and the response is automatic only, and I could not reach one of the customer service representatives

So please give me a federal account number so that I can transfer all my PayPal money to my Payoneer bank account.

As I have a hats, shirts and accessories store on the Etsy website, and the customers pay me via Paypal because these are the conditions of the Etsy platform for some countries and these conditions apply to my country

So, I ask you to kindly help me and give me a federal bank account number so that I can transfer all my money on PayPal to my account on Payoneer Bank on an ongoing basis

Thank you very much and waiting for you reply

Best regards

Hamed Ahmed