Annual Fee

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If no money received on a whole year, Do I need to still pay the annual fee (Note I don't have a card just a payonner account),

I'm just asking because I only received 22$ last year and when I opened account now I found it is zero because annual fee, Anyways unfortunately for personal reasons I won't work for about 2 years from now so will that means after 2 years I will have a 60$ to pay, or zero since no money will be received because if there will be a cumulative fee (60$), In that case I think it's better to close the account now and reopen later, So what should I do ?!

If I will close the account is that ok, since I paid 22$ out of 30$ annual fee, or I will have to put money on the account, or it's ok and I will pay the difference later when I reopen ?!

Additional NOTE
I didn't order a card but since the annual fee is taken this means I have a card (I read that on some article) so how is that possible ?!
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