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My Account not approved

kodaz Member Posts: 1
I am new to Payoneer who waiting for account approval. I am working a part-time job at Appen company which is in partnership with Payoneer, their payment provider that process approved invoice payments on behalf of them.
For approval, I submitted my national ID in verification centre and it was not accepted but my national ID is valid here in Ethiopia. Now I renewed my national ID from local Authorities assuming that the ID is not clearly visible or expired. In my new national ID card, the ID number is different from the old one which is not the same with what I entered in the registration form. Also, my national ID number contains the slash(/) character which is not allowed to enter in the registration form. Please note that the date provided in my national ID is in Ethiopian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar. I don't have a passport or a driver's license. I can't get a passport now because here in Ethiopia, they don't give passports unless you provide proof that you are going out of the country which I am not.
Please, help me! I want my account approved and get paid from Appen.