What is my card status?

Hey you have already verify my card. You also told me that i will get my Card in this month middle. But i am eager to know now in which country my card is? Please tell me .I can't wait for getting my card.


I am from Bangladesh.


  • Nissim
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    For details related to your account/card status, you will need to contact our customer support department: http://www.payoneer.com/contactUs.aspx


    In addition, an estimated arrival date was included in the card confirmation e-mail that we sent you.

  • shakir_001
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    Will i get my card within expected dates what was written in mail?

  • Nissim
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    These are estimated dates and in general, yes. It may be sooner/later by a few days due to the processing time of your local postal system.

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    Hi Nissim, I have similar problem, I registered 5 days ago (June 5th, 2013) and uploaded my passport as soon as I can, but still don't get the confirmation yet. Please do a review about my card, I need it as soon as possible.


    my reference number is 2635751


    Your answer and approval will be a great advantage for me, please help me, it will be very helpful for me. thank you.

  • Melisa
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    Hi! I'm glad to inform you that your card application has been approved :thumbsu:

    Our Approval Department has sent you an email informing you of the estimated dates of arrival for your card.



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  • JPT
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    fast response  :goodjob:thank u very much! really helpful, can't wait for the card  :)