My Account Blocked by payoneer

asad_asim Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
Dear payoneer,
I want to transfer payment from payoneer to my bank account. The account i have mentioned earlier, mistakenly, dose not an existing account. I miswrote the bank name (MIB instead of MCB). How the payment could be transferred to that account. It should have recredited to my account. I gave correct bank account but after some days my Account Blocked by payoneer without reason.


  • yacine99
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    please help me my fund in my Payoneer account with my card was blocked and disappeared whit no reason when i ask them they send an email that i violate Payoneer's Terms & Conditions, i'm a graphic designer and all my funds come from amazon and other print and demand company, please review my account carefully and you will see that i never violate Payoneer's Terms & Conditions.
    this is very frustrating and I can't focus on my work specially that we are in Q4 now.

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