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Asking for business details

akelly210 Member Posts: 1
I registered an account and someone tried to pay me but it's flagging up saying they need more information to process the payment. I submitted my ID and was verified already.

It says I need to submit business details? I registered for personal use.


  • teresac
    teresac Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
    the same and identical thing happened to me, I enter my account and a message says: "You have information to submit in Verification Center and I have to fill in all this:" Business Details Questionnaire "and this: iProvide complete bank details below. signed up to Payoneer as an indvidual, provide details of a personal bank account.
    Bank account verification
    Submit a bank statement. If you signed up to Payoneer as an indvidual, provide a statement from a personal bank account. If you signed up to Payoneer as a company, provide a statement from a company bank account.
    I am registered as a private individual and not as a company and I had given this information to Payoneer when I signed up with Appen why now do you ask me all this? I only receive payments from Appen for now, and I have no company and a message comes out that says if I do not fill out the company and bank account documents, I have the card here with them and I pay the fee of this to Payoneer annually.Here is what Payoneer wrote to me
    Will I still be able to use my card?
    After we approve your submitted information, we’ll be able to keep your card active as usual. If you cannot provide the information by November 19th to give us enough time to review it, we'll be forced to close your card by the end of this year and redeem the funds that might be on your card to the corresponding currency balances in your Payoneer account. Add your information now to avoid interruptions to your card service.

    Once you submit your information, we'll review it to make sure we have everything we need. Please wait to hear from us before inquiring about the status of your account. If you have any questions, contact us