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Patreon funds

Hello there,

Recently my Paypal account has been locked / stopped for what was described as "Suspicious activities".

It was a
1. Business account
2. Had all info, ID, bank accounts etc.
3. Was only used for my online shop and to pay pin manufacturers.

I recently started a Patreon and its been going really, really well. So well that my monthly income from it went from 2 digits to 4 digits in a months time.
This was deemed "Suspicious". The payer is however.

Can anyone tell me if this will happen here to? If anything is suspicious I am more then welcome to provide any documents or bills requested, but I do not want it to be shut down out of the blue, with what seems like a automated bot just going through big transactions.
Can I inform someone that goes over my account that the first transaction I will receive, if I decide to be here, will already be 4 digits? And will continue to be that way (well, hopefully!)

I don't wanna wake up again and basically see a whole years work go down the drain.

Thank you,