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Customer support marks tickets as "resolved" instantly and automatically

I have two problems:

1) My verification is going on from Nov 2, despite I sent all the documents (on Nov 3).

2) When I try to reach support regarding this, I'm forced to choose "Topic" for my support ticket. I choose Account > Verification, write the following text:

Hello! My account is being verified for too long, since Nov 3 - it's been 6 business days.

On the help page you claim it is 3 business days, yet if I go to verification center, it still says "no additional information needed" and that my documents are "under review".

Is there any problem or what I could do to speed up the process?

Click Send and guess what, my ticket is automatically resolved. Because Payneer sent me automatic e-mail with the help page text. And it says "This response was sent based on the subject you selected.
If this response does not resolve your issue, visiting our Support Center is the fastest way to find a resolution."

I visit Support center, I write another question, I'm forced to choose topic.

So the question is - how I'm supposed to contact real customer support and get past automatic replies?


  • dronoms
    dronoms Member Posts: 2
    It is a shit show! I know for certain that you are not alone. You get the same treatment when you call them or try to use the live chat!