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Payoneer account verification

aliidrees Member Posts: 1
Hi, Payoneer has requested to provide the verification document. I can see these options only:

1- Utility bill in rental's name
(I do not have any house or working place in my name. I do not own any property. I live with my father and that is also a rented property in my country and I have rented an office for my company but I am a taxpayer. I have also shared my national CNIC, Country passport, and a bank document which was the bank NOC but nothing is working and the team of Payoneer is not accepting the documents). Is it necessary to own a property to have a Payoneer account?

2- The second option is the Bank Document which I have mentioned already that I have not worked on.

3- Next option is a Rental Agreement, I have that but still I am not the owner of that property.

So how can I complete the verification process because Payoneer is not accepting any document? Can someone share anything as a sample?


  • mindwandering
    mindwandering Member Posts: 1
    Hi! Same problem here. I can't to contact payoneer service about this verification account issue. I tried with some various documents but they don't work. I don't know how to proceed