Removing "elance" for my payoneer card

z_abc_001 Member Posts: 9

Hi Sir;


I have a payoneer card issued via, I added other partner to the card, Now I deleted my membership at and want to remove it from my payoneer.


1- How can I remove elance, & is this will affect my payoneer account as the card issued from elance.


2- If in the future I decide to open an account at, Can I added the new account to my payoneer card.


Thanks for your help




  • Melisa
    Melisa Community Manager Administrator Posts: 1,711 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi! Please contact Customer Support to request that they deactivate your Elance account. This will not affect your card usage.

    Indeed you will still be able to add new accounts to your card with them or a different partner


    Payoneer Director of Community