Inactive Payoneer account in Appen

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due the issue from my problem is i cannot register payoneer account in appen butler hill Ltd, when i try to register from Payoneer Onboard in appen website and the landing page shown "You cannot change your payment detail or something like that, I dont remember the detail. so i tried to contact finance support team on Appen, they said

"You submitted your Payoneer application, however, Payoneer has marked it inactive due to missing or additional information needed from you.
Since you already submitted the application you can't submit a new one through the registration on your Appen Connect profile.

You must contact Payoneer directly to determine what additional information they need from you to get your account active.

Payoneer ID : Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Last Payoneer StatusINACTIVE
Last Updated Date2020-09-29 18:54:00.0"

so I need help to resolved for my problem What should I do to resolve this??


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    Hi, I am also facing the same problem so can you let me know were you able to solve it.
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