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Balance Blocked (The amount of money is not Zero)

Dear Payooner Team,

I am really disappointed with your services. It is the bad service that I ever got in all of online payment platform. I have used multiple platform before.

I use Payooner because the organization encourages me to use it for my job payment. My account balance is still blocked and I cannot see the balance nominal. I have got money transferred several times.

The system encourages me to order the new card, but to get the new card we need to have the minimum balance. It is really the fucking bad system. Are you serious?. How can I order the new card if my balance is blocked?

Now, I just want to get my all exist balances transferred to my traditional bank account. I have go throught the (useless customer help) and I also have contact them by the two exist phone number and there is no response except the automatic voice response that ask me to just check the Come on, if I find my answer on that way, I will not call you directly.

Another time, if you want to block my balance account because of several reasons (misconductions of the rules or anything), at least you inform me first so I can know the issues. But I have no information and my account balance just blocked. WTF.

Please respond as soon as possible.