Payoneer is planning to close my card


I would have a big aprresiate if someone can help me with these 3 questions

Question 1:
I was a Payoneer user last year but since 2 April 2019 I have not used it and in my account, there was no money. On 11 October payoneer had messaged me that my account would be closed on 11 December 2020. But recently I am planning to get some payments via Payoneer (I dont know when, maybe I will take them after 11 December) - So can I cancel that my account is not closed? How?

Question 2:
Since 2 April 2019, I have 0 money on my card. Am I in debt to the Payoneer because of their Fees like (Monthly Card Account Maintenance and Monthly Card Account Maintenance)?

Question 3:
As I said that from 2 April 2019 I have never used the Payoneer, would me cost this money? Is my card still available? I am from Kosovo and I hear some month ago that Payoneer has problems, so can I withdraw money from ATM in Kosovo?


  • ivarshivarsh Member Posts: 3
    Have the same questions and didn't get any answers from their support :( That's horrible. Payoneer just keeps silent.

    Have you found out something regarding your questions?
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