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Can't receive payment from Amazon

maddieuser Member Posts: 1
I created an account about 3 months ago. Never used it but connected to Amazon KDP. I've been selling for 3 months. I don't use Payoneer daily but I assumed the funds from sales will be transferred to this account.

Today I received an email about a payment problem from Amazon.

'Unfortunately, the payment could not be processed because we (Payoneer) have not received the information that we recently requested from you.

The payment will be returned within 7-10 business days to AMAZON.CO1699100 and you will not be charged a fee for it.'

This is the first time I received this type of email. There were no emails for the previous 3 months. I checked my email and I believe they requested to verify the email address which I did today. Later today I received the same email, only from I checked the account and there are no funds which means the previous transactions were also declined.

Does anyone has Payoneer support email/phone cause the Customer care/Support links are not working?

Has anyone encountered the same problem? What's the information they 'requested from me' and how can I provide this information if there's no contact email? I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose all money from my sales.