Re-verification process?

Hi guys,


I have been using Payoneer for years and loving it.  On May 29 I was asked to verify, and I sent in the requested info.  


Just wondering if all systems are go?  Thanks guys!




  • Nissim
    Nissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Paul,


    As a fully regulated US company we may at times be required to re-verify account information, to ensure that it is up to date. If there are any issues we will notify you, otherwise you can continue using the account normally.


    If there are any issues or if you have additional questions, feel free to send me a PM.


    Thanks for choosing Payoneer!

  • Paul J Coleman
    Paul J Coleman Member Posts: 2

    Hey Nissim,


    Thanks.  You guys are the best. :-)