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Bank Account status under review

Hello payoneer team,
I have an issue with my account verification. my account verified but still pending due to action required on bank account details from 60 days and no received any email regarding my account.I have already submit my request for this problem but not yet fixed. Please i need help for this problem. I will be greatfull if you guys fix my issue. Thanks please check and update!
Name : Waqas Tariq
Customer ID 38356133


  • waqas4tariq
    waqas4tariq Member Posts: 4
    Also I have submitted the required documents and the status is showing the documents is approved in verification center !
    From past 60 days I'm waiting for the response but their is no update and no email received from payoneer please update my account so I can do transactions please do it fast ! Thanks
  • syedautherabbas
    syedautherabbas Member Posts: 3
    Seems like Payoneer is not bothered about getting these issues resolved, my account also had a similar issue and I have tried to register support cases but to no avail. There is no customer support at all!
  • syedautherabbas
    syedautherabbas Member Posts: 3
    I cannot even delete the info I wrongly entered thinking I can update it later, now it's stuck in review for the past 10 days and I cannot even talk to support. Why is the customer service in such a bad shape?