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I cannot add a payer

ScriptToSpeaker Member Posts: 1
edited November 2020 in Ask The Community
Hello, I am a freelancer in the U.S. trying to request payment from a client in India.
When I go to request payment, I enter the client's e-mail address, and it says "it looks like you are adding a new payer", and sends me to a form with the payer's information.
Whether I choose "Individual" or "Company" and fill in the information, I get an error stating "Currently the service does not support the selected payment route".

The client is insisting that he has been paying other people internationally through payoneer, by simply reqeusting a payment in this method. And it seems that should be the case.

Is there something specific that I must set up on my end to make this work?

I have added my local bank account as the bank I'd like to withdraw funds from, and it's been approved. Is there a different setup to *receive* payments?