I have a pending payment of since Oct 31st, and 2 other pending payments

wizzlewizzle Member Posts: 1
Hello! On Oct 31 (14days ago), i am meant to receive a payment but it was held up in pending, i contacted customer support but i got NO REPLY. yesterday (Nov 12) i received 2 other payments and they are also left on pending. My pending payments are piling up, I currently have 3 pending payments and im starting to think there is no hope on getting them approved.

Please any help on approving this will be deeply appreciated. Thank you!


  • ciranncirann Member Posts: 2
    Same problem here. I have a payment in pending status since 9 days now and I need that money...
    I'm trying to contact customer care but I don't receive any answer.
    I'm really worried.
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