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Document keeps getting rejected, and no reason specified!

Alashwah Member Posts: 11 ✭✭

Hi, I've been using payoneer for almost 3 years now, and I love it. Never ran into any issues before and everything was smooth. Recently however, since the whole wirecard thing, Payoneer sent me an email asking me to submit a proof of address to keep the card and I went for the bank statement option, which is the only available option I have.

I submitted my bank statement that was issued within the last 3 months, and it's also the same bank account that I use to withdraw funds to. It keeps getting rejected over and over again. Sometimes payoneer cites that the document is not clear, sometimes they don't mention a reason for rejection at all. I even stopped getting those rejection emails, and I just go into the verification center to find out that they have rejected it.

I live in Egypt, and my bank account is obviously Egyptian. The official language is Arabic, and the statement is in Arabic. Yet when I got in touch with the support, he told me the document is not clear and he doesn't even know Arabic!

I got in touch with the support again and they told me they will pass it to the Arabic support team, but it got rejected again and no reason given!

The bank statement that I sent contains my name, address and everything else is in compliance with Payoneer's rules. Heck, on that statement it shows several withdrawals made from payoneer to my bank!

Can anyone from Payoneer kindly assist me please?


  • franzduro
    franzduro Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    Hello brother !! I am facing the same issue . I am working for 2 years with payoneer . I went for the bank statement where I made an desposit of 20 dollars just to got the statement paper where shows my address and my name . They rejected it over and over again and no reason explained .

  • Beggins
    Beggins Member Posts: 1
    Same here! Today, after 2 days of nervous waiting I got EmPTY EMAIL from Account Approval Department and its contains only my First and Last name and nothing else! And my address verification document rejected as I can see in verification center!!! Working many many years with Payoneer and got this. Payoneer, you make you customers worries EVERY DAY about their CARD or money in account! This is bad business practice!