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Glitch with Password reset

fredturnage83 Member Posts: 1
Hello together,

my Client ID : 40653878

My Access is blocked since I have tried to login into my Payoneer Account. I have opened up a case via customer service solution center and it is stating that I have to create a new password. Case Reference Number : 201116-018879

Once I have filled in the new password , i get following error message:

"Your Account seems to be restricted".

Tried to open additional case and got automatic response again : "Create new password"...

I am not sure what to do or what the actual status is. Our Customers got already the payment requests and as far as I know they have already paid the invoices.

Can you please advise how we can reset the password and continue to use Payoneer.

P.S. Phone Support does not work, Phone support is asking for Account Number/Phone number linked to Account. Both options do not work
P.P.S. Every time when I write via Customer support form , I got the same error (Change Password). That must be some kind of automatic reply or so.

I would really welcome it to get a non robotic reply to explain the actual situation, so that we can get our payments.

Thank you in advance,