Why I'm not able to withdraw money?

I am a freelancer and recently completed my first transaction from fiverr. It was $44. My payoneer account is approved and I added DBBL account to my account , after a short time it become approved. But whenever I'm going to withdraw my $44 then there's a message showing "Amount available for withdrawal is less than allowed minimum" Why this happened, How can I solve this problem? Please help me.


  • Shovon1337
    Shovon1337 Member Posts: 4
    As you mentioned, you are new to Payoneer. I want to inform you that, the minimum withdrawal limit is $50. That means, $6 is missing from your account. Keep in mind, you can be able to withdraw your earning when you will have at least $50 or above in your Payoneer account.

    I wish you got your answer. Have a nice day buddy.
  • Isaad00
    Isaad00 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem and I have in my balance 132.5 and could not withdraw any to my bank.
    I am new to payonner and approved my account.
    I transferred money to Payoneer 9 December, what is the issue ?