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Payment delayed for 17 days - Support Not Answering Since 9 days

I am using Payoneer for my amazon affiliate payment since a year and it is usually reflected in my Payoneer account within 30th of the month.

This month however i haven't received the payment although it was sent by Amazon on 30th October.

I created the ticked on 2nd November and its still not updated.

I cant connect to the live chat ..

can anyone help please


  • haseebnajam
    haseebnajam Member Posts: 4
    seems like payoneer is not as reliable as its used to be once...

    No support even after their card scam .... seems a good way to destroy the company's remaining credibility...
  • haseebnajam
    haseebnajam Member Posts: 4
    It seems that Payoneer has scammed my amount :disappointed:
  • Mohammad1998
    Mohammad1998 Member Posts: 6
    Definitely disappointing, I have the same problem and this does not seem like an isolated incident. I Will not recommend Payoneer to anyone unless solved immediately.
  • Akiro
    Akiro Member Posts: 3
    Just joined Payoneer and already heavily disappointed and on the edge to check what legal options I have. Withdrawn 1000 USD to my Greek bank account on November 13 and the money still isn't there. Sent 3 inquiries and got only automated answers with no answer. When I click on the payment in Payoneer I don't get the option "Get confirmation" so I even cannot contact my Greek bank to check on this. No chance to ever get through to a Live help chat agent.

    It seems they also messed up my choice to have the card by DHL delivered. Sent two weeks ago two messages that I want a DHL delivery, once when I applied for the card and once when it got approved. Seems they sent it by regular mail according to a mail info I got. Even after 3 inquiries I still get only automated answers with no relevant content whatsoever and, of course, you get never through to an agent at Live help.

    Really highly disappointing how Payoneer treats us.
  • haseebnajam
    haseebnajam Member Posts: 4
    i am now really concerned about my money...i have already changed the bank account so I may not lose my next payment ...
    this is extremely suspicious of Payoneer after the card issue couple of months back
  • alexvidotto
    alexvidotto Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2020
    I'm starting to having the same problem. One payment was sent it's being 6 days by now. No e-mail, no notifications... I don't know what to do.