Why my Payoneer Account not connecting to Fiverr Account to Withdraw Balance?

Rana0549 Member Posts: 3
I recently added my Payoneer account to Fiverr marketplace.
Today, I received an email saying that my account account has been verified and now I can withdraw my Balance from Fiverr.

But, I can't withdraw my balance. The Fiverr website is still showing the option to connect my account with Fiverr.

I reported this to the Fiverr Customer Support and they told me to contact Payoneer's Customer Support.
I contacted them and they didn't responded me correctly. They said:

Dear ***********,
We see that you have not yet received any payments through the Bank Transfer service to your Payoneer account.

Once you have received a payment you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to view the status of your payment in your online account by going to the Activity tab and selecting Payment History .

To learn about how to begin receiving payments via Payoneer click here.

To learn how to withdraw funds to your bank account once you begin receiving payments click here.

Thank you,
Payoneer Customer Care

Kindly solve my issue and help me to connect my account with Fiverr. So that I can withdraw my balance. I have only 4 days to withdraw my balance.