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Is Payoneer even interested in making things easier for their Customer?

sarojstha Member Posts: 9
I have a weird story related to Payoneer, and I know I am not the first one who is still sticking with Payoneer because of the lack of other global payment options.

I had a Payoneer account where I load money from Upwork. I received a new card just about one month ago, I had updated it. But after that, I tried to load money and the MONEY WAS GOING IN OLD CARD, for that, I need to contact so that from then the money loaded in the new card automatically. But, while choosing the option of immediate load, the MONEY SHOWS IN ACCOUNT WITHIN MINUTES, BUT IF I TRIED TO PURCHASE SOME THINGS TRANSACTION USED TO DECLINE, EVEN AFTER SHOWING MONEY THERE. For this, I need to wait for another 10-15 minutes so that I could make actually a new transaction.

So, I thought maybe it could be the issue with that old card and new card relation, SO I TRIED REMOVING AND ADDING PAYONEER ACCOUNT ON UPWORK. At that time I had clearly read both parties' policy and that nowhere mentioned that you can't add the same marketplace as income source again on Payoneer policy. Although, on the Upwork site, it mentioned that we need to contact the support team.

Later, I contacted the Upwork team and cleared on their side but on Payoneer, I raise 2 support tickets but BOTH OF THEM WERE MARKED AS SOLVED as soon as it is created.

So, after trying for a week, I finally got a chance to contact one of Payoneer's agent. Then I got the answer I can't add it why? BECAUSE I had already removed and again trying to add. Just for that? What kind of policy is that? You guys could ask an extra fee to add again or ask to verify email and add all other verification processes so that the user could add it again. What kind of software or system you guys use?? I have already mentioned many flaws in your system that should have been automatic.

In the end, they give me two options either update the account by loading 100USD or create a new account. So, I decided to go with the 1st option. But, to load 100USD I don't have Upwork. So, there is no way to do it and from Nepal, I can't load money to Payoneer Card directly. So I disconnect then.

Later, I contacted them again, and this time they don't ask the previously mentioned 100USD surprisingly this time they just updated my account. I was shocked, I couldn't figure out either they update policy in hours or its because they hire some random people on their customer support center.

Now, I need to order a new card because the account was already updated. As I don't trust much Payoneer, I used to usually load only the amount which I about to pay at that moment. So, to order a new card I don't have even $40 at this time. So, I asked my friend to help me with that. And, for this, they have another policy, like you used to earn $1000 on your money before you could send.

Are you guys make policies to make things easier and safer for your users or just make policies just to suck money from your customer. You guys have a very dark future if you guys continue on this path.

No customer support at all. I just want to move away from Payoneer ASAP, but I can't because of the limitation on foreign payment in my country.

GET WELL SOON, PAYONEER. Make serving your customer the main priority, the money will chase you. Don't chase money otherwise, people will start chasing you calling fraud.


  • compyy23
    compyy23 Member Posts: 4
    You are not alone, there is no customer support, your post will be merged and then forget it, find better alternative which provides support or at least listens to their customer.