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How can i order Fiverr Revenue card?

Hi, i contacted payoneer support but nobody seems to care...
So i might want to ask you here if someone can help me.
I am a freelancer on Fiverr, i connected my account with my already existing payoneer acc. And now i want to order a Fiverr revenue card - which is basically a payoneer card but with less fees, no anually fee etc..

But i don't see an option to order the Fiverr Revenue card, i only see this option
If i order this will i get a normal card? if yes how can i order a Fiverr Revenue Card?
I contacted fiverr but they are saying i need to contact Payoneer

Thank you.


  • carloshorson
    carloshorson Member Posts: 2
    wow this is concerning, i also noticed that they don't have any support. It's been 2+weeks since i opened the ticket. No live support agents, no one answering on the phone...
    What is this..

    Are you a freelancer(form fiverr) too?