Utility Bill Verification Problem (Please Help)

Hello, I currently submitted a Gas Utility Bill which had clearly written my home address and my name on it. Yet, Payoneer did not accept the document I sent. I have emailed the support team, 3 times and waited in the queue for live chat support for 3 dayss, 9 hrs straight but no one has reached me.

In my country, there is complete lockdown, I could only manage to get the utility gas bill under my name because most of our bills are under my parent's name. I do no have a rental agreement because I live with mom and dad. The banks statements issued in Nepal do no have an address on them, and I cannot visit bank as well due to this complete lockdown.

All I can do is submit the Gas bill (which was issued under 3months). I apparently do no have any other documents that were issued in that time.

I can submit bank documents but they do not have address on them.
I can submit Government ID but it was issued before12 months.
I have uploaded a gas bill under my name with a clear address but Payoneer did not accept the document though everything was written clear on it.

Please help me here, I would be grateful if someone from support team reaches out to me for help.

Also, would a Document signed by a government official (Municipality Ward Head), verifying my name and residential address work?

I think I can get that by visiting our nearest ward office. Please help me here.


  • MasevaforumMasevaforum Member Posts: 26 ✭✭

    You are not the only one. I sent them 4 times document after document they don't accepted anything. What the heck is wrong with this payoneer?! I don't even need your CARD anymore Payoneer this is so stupid !!!

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