Verification cardholder identity

MasevaforumMasevaforum Member Posts: 26 ✭✭

What a disaster you are payoneer!
I sent four times different documents and you still don't have what you need?!
Adress, name and newest document were sent from my side, what the heck you need more of that?
First time when I sent a document you needed a whole month to review it !
I can't reach you !!!
Now you are still not satisfied and I am so so so **dissapointed **from you and you are not useful anymore for me!
**I gave up and won't use the card anymore! **


  • franzdurofranzduro Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Agree man !! What the hell is happining with Payoneer !! I have done the same thing like you and they are not satisfied . I have messaged 10 times the Support and no answer . For real this is the baddest custom support I ever have seen .

    I think to change it on Paypal , 1000 times better customer support and no asking for such things !!

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