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I have some very basic questions please

Yakov6287 Member Posts: 1
I am new here to Payoneer service.

1. I want to create a payment request to my buyer, can he pay the payment by filling the details and putting his credit card without register to Payoneer or he must join and register to Payoneer account in order to pay the payment request?

2. I want to create a payment request for example to my chinese buyer, so he will see his local currency YUAN in the payment request. Can I make him this request with his YUAN local currency or it must be always shown as USD or EUR for anyone in the world no matter what country the buyer from?

3. The payment request is asking for a lot of information, is it possible to make it shorter? For example I am as a seller always paying the fees, can remove this section from the money request?

4. I have a friend, he lives in the UK and have a UK bank with all the documents. He owns a business and sells mostly to Israeli buyers. Nowadays he lives in Israel for business purposes. Can he join Payoneer and create a UK account with his UK bank and UK documents although he is living in Israel now? And, can he sell to Israeli buyers if you is living in Israel but his Payoneer account is UK ?

Thank you