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Alert: You Can No Longer Get Paid via Payoneer

I got an email today with the subject “Alert: You Can No Longer Get Paid via Payoneer" ,they close my account , frozen my funds and don't even disclose the reason .
they just. I will say its inhuman after providing all valid details and documents they ask me to provide. If you are closing my account , then why freeze my money which I explain is my source of livelihood

I Signed up on payoneer few months ago,received payments for my E-commerceVirtual Assitance work,Issues started on On wednesday 28th October 2020, when i receive an email from one Elvin from the Risk department that i should provide kind of service, invoice, my customers etc which i provided promptly. i message severally to help expedite the case as i take to several customer service guys including the supervisor Bernie.

Finally, on wednesday 18th November, i got a mail that they need more information to add my bank account but today Moday 23rd November 2020 i received email that i can no longer receive payments and my account is closed. Because I have confirmed funds in my Payoneer account, I tried several means to contact Payoneer on chats but fortunately I called them on phone as regards how to get my funds. The lady told me I can’t get my funds that its frozen. I ask till when will you released my funds, then told me for unspecified time.(Reference Number: 201123-014618)

If receiving payments is violation then why you even allow opening accounts?

I don't recommend payoneer as they will randomly close your account without any explanation.

Your Customer ID: 37685883

Reference Number- 201123-014618

Reference Number: 201113-013109

Reference Number: 201109-023054

Reference Number: 201105-041287

Reference Number: 201028-009736