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New verification document to keep the Mastercard card rejected

andrew_g Member Posts: 4
Hi, all,

Recently, Payoneer transferred all Mastercard prepaid card funds from Wirecard to its own issuer in Ireland. As a result, they are asking for new documents for identity verification. In my case, they asked for a proof of address. I uploaded a tax information registry that shows my full name and address. I uploaded it under "Other documents" since they don't have a specific option, but yesterday apparently the document was rejected and I'm being asked a new document. The problem is I don't have utility bills on my name since I live with my parents, and no rental agreement either. The only option left was a "bank document", but the only thing I had was a bank referral with my full name on it, and not my address. I uploaded it, but I fear it might be rejected again and my card will be closed.

My card and my Payoneer account are fundamental for my job as a medical translator, and I want to preemptively tackle this issue before something bad happens. So I finally found a bank statement from a second bank I'm affiliated to and has my full name and address, but I cannot add more documents in the verification center. What should I do in this case? I tried to open a support request, but I found no option in the Support Center to do so.

I'm coming here with the hope a Payoneer representative sees this and gives me more details about what should I do, or maybe someone from the community who has gone through a similar situation.

Thank you beforehand to anybody who can point me in the right direction.